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GRINGO trailer looks like a Shane Black film, says Precious Roy!

Hey folks, Precious Roy here with the trailer for GRINGO, an action/black comedy starring David Oyelowo and directed by first-time-feature director Nash Edgerton (Joel Edgerton's older brother ), from a script by Anthony Tambakis and Matthew Stone. 
Oyelowo plays Harold, a hapless businessman whom pharmaceutical bosses Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton draft to do their dirty work: picking up their purchased top-secret medical marijuana formula in Mexico. When Harold is kidnapped by a cartel none-to-pleased with the loss of revenue due to the gradual legalization of pot in America, Theron and Edgerton send in mercenary Sharlto Copley to recover their formula (and, hopefully, Harold, too). Amanda Seyfried plays a friend on Harold's journey, and Thandie Newton plays Harold's wife, Bonnie.
I like this, and I so want Nash Edgerton to have knocked this out of the park for his first big film. I'm already loving Oyelowo's Harold, the ruthless Charlize Theron character, and I'm a sucker for Amanda Seyfriend when she's in something great. This feels vaguely like a Shane Black movie from the trailer, which actually makes me want to see it... from Theron's sharklike sales pitch to Oyelowo's ordinary guy facing down the pros, to the slapstick violence with Copley, to Seyfried's ironic prediction, the trailer evokes a little LETHAL WEAPON... but much more the vibe of KISS KISS BANG BANG, to me.

We'll see what how it fares March 9th, 2018, SUCKERS!


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