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"STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI" Dannie's feeling the FORCE!

Hola Dannie aqui,

Well, I had the ultimate pleasure of watching "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" yesterday at around two in the afternoon central standard time. This was bittersweet, I saw Star Wars, before my brother, the most prominent Star Wars geek I have ever known the guy who raised me to believe in the FORCE. Also, I have always seen it opening day with my entire family as well as REAL Fans and it also just so happened to be Harry's actual birthday, add to this I was sitting alone, all my fellow AICN writers were sitting with their significant others, I was alone not seated with them. This was only because we all entered the theatre at different times. Nevertheless, it was sorta depressing not to be at least with my man Duncan Idaho or my son. I understand though why the studio refused me a plus one, as we already had four AICN writer perspectives reviewing it in a same-day screening for all local Press.

I never understood why Harry always waited for an opening day public screening to review the latest Star Wars, with the exception of that one time he got one of the prequels sent to him on VHS via snail mail. Well, now I know why.

The theatre was not even remotely full, the energy of those within was bored, preoccupied or serious before the film. I heard very few voices that were excited before the film. I have never been with such an unexcited Star Wars crowd. During the opening of the film, I am used to huge applause during certain key moments of the opening titles, and before the theatre's lights are dimmed, usually there is a deafening roar of geekdom and hypothesis. Wow, was this a different audience to experience this with. Now they did applaud and got excited, just not as much as me. Yesterday my sister in law said to me- "Dannie, not everyone feels films as much as your family." She is right.

I am more than overjoyed to be an empathetic film advocate, I am unashamed of my emotions and uncastrated inner child. I LOVED this new Star Wars! However, I was a bit melancholy with the audience and the fact that during this screening they turned the fucking lights on and I seemed to be the only one that complained afterward. Enough of my missing camping out with real geeks that might riot if someone illuminated the theatre during a new Star Wars flick :) On to the review, just had to be honest...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi starts off as always with the text scrolling off into the infinity of space, they keep it short and sweet. The music as always Mr. Williams sends the happy geek chills and goosebumps in all the right places bringing back all the right memories.

It begins, with an enthralling pick up to right where we were left off with Poe and Rey.

I will do my best to make this as spoiler free as possible and if I happen to mention one I will try my best to write an all capital letter warning before the paragraph, and in the title. At the moment I am geeking the fuck out as I believe any metacholorian thumb-having mammal on Earth would.

So, the mysterious lady Rey & and our favorite Darth-Daddies boy Luke-

Luke's and Rey's relationship is tumultuous, the characters clash throughout, both in awe and fear of one another. The island they are on is majestic and amazing, a true hermit hood place in the universe. Filled with Porgs and other cool creatures that we see Luke, Rey, and Chewy interacting with.

Mark Hamill's performance is FUCKING AMAZING throughout this film encompassing a Luke we have never seen! The range of emotion is beautifully embodied by Hamill's superb acting.

Rey's character seeking out the Sage advice of the legendary Skywalker is handled in a fashion that I truly loved. The tough love, comedy, and drama are crafted in perfect proportions and is believably unpredictable as most of the film is, this made me very happy.

Poe's character is a dangerous ass rebel even more so than we have seen before, his flight skills, as well as strategic planning, is much more prevalent than before. Actively disobeying orders and taking massive risks for the Republic he is the epitome of a Rebel. His interactions with Leia are of course eerie and amazing, without venturing into massive Spoilerville. I will say we get more Leia than I expected, and something I have always suspected is proven, which is extremely cool!

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo played by a purpled haired Laura Dern is a character surrounded by spoilers, and all I will say is "Wow." She did a damn good job with the time her character was given and did exude elegance.

Finn, BB8 and Rose Tico (played by Kelly Marie Tran)
These characters embark on a side mission in which they meet DJ (Benicio Del Toro) a smuggler and thief with a stutter. Without trying to ruin anything, I will say BB8 is a fucking bad-ass-droid, and I loved everything about DJ's character, and again did not get as much of him as I expected, but just enough to draw interests into his character for future projects. Rose's character is pretty awesome; she begins in a sad but hopeful state, geeking over meeting the famous Empire defector and now rebel hero Finn. Her character is strong, intelligent and fearless.

Through Rose and DJ's perspectives, we get a look at the capitalistic military industrial machines behind both the Republic and Empire, showing the opulence of the rich juxtaposed next to impoverished slavery and animal abuse.

Rey and Kylo Ren...
Kylo Ren is still an angry little Emo kid on the inside and out smashing stuff and tantrum throwing, but we learn why and I got to tell you, he has his reasons. Adam Driver did an excellent job this time around his character is fleshed out so much better than before, giving me a bit of empathy for a character I previously thought a lame Emo millennial imitation of Vader. There has been much debate over where Rey and Kylo will go in this film, whether she will go dark, or he will go light because of the trailers. I ain't saying nothing see THE LAST JEDI and find out for yourself damn it! I will say again that this is the most unpredictable Star Wars I have ever seen and leaves some grey in between the light and dark sides of the force.

We get epic star battles with new technology and ships, we see some samurai fighting stance based martial arts, the battle on the last planet is nail-biting goodness visually and mentally. Most impressive of all we see the true power of the force used in ways we all have been waiting for.

I rank this film up with EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Yeah, I just said that, I am just as shocked as you are, happily

Some new wise Jedi philosophy that is direly needed in today's hate-filled society, of which actually was so poignant that it brought me to tears. The film is in my mind absolutely perfect, it kept me guessing, it moved me, and it will definitely keep the world enthralled in Jedi and Sith lore for a good while. I can not wait to see this film with a real audience of geeks and geekettes and not just a bunch of pencil pushing critics, no offense you guys, I just missed the unbridled joy of the true fans.

Now for the questions on everyone's mind.

Do Luke and Leia have an onscreen moment?

I refuse to tell you! Muhahahahaha! Your gonna have to have someone else spoil this film for you all!

Do Kylo and Rey hook up? Who are Rey's parents? Is there Yoda?

Again see the fucking movie it is momentously great, and anyone who spoils any of the many unpredictable moments and plot turns, is an asshole. I hope I did not spoil anything, this film is too awesome. Go see it as soon as possible! I can not recommend it enough, a great fucking galactic emotional rollercoaster of fucking fantastic proportions that of which all young and old Sith and Jedi can appreciate!

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!
Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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