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KENOBI to begin filming in early 2019!

Hi, folks! Precious Roy here. Looks like KENOBI, another STAR WARS STORY, will be filming in January 2019, if nothing goes amiss ala SOLO.

Rumor is that Lucasfilm is currently trying to get director Steven Daltry to helm the film. I’m a fan of his work on THE HOURS and BILLY ELLIOT… he’s also directing the big-screen adaptation of Broadway’s WICKED, which is a Christmas 2019 tentpole. It will be interesting to see a director known for small set pieces with big stars, and grand period musicals, to tackle the action of the Star Wars Universe.

I wonder at why they’re making a Kenobi movie (beyond the financial incentives and fan demand); I hope this means they’re onto a cracker of a good story for Obi-Wan’s exile to Tatooine. I dearly hope they are crafting an original story that fits into the canon as well as ROGUE ONE did. Obi-Wan has been used quite well in STAR WARS REBELS, and I would hate for anything in the films to retcon that show (or STAR WARS CLONE WARS) as being off-canon. Obi-Wan would be keeping a low profile during the pre-A NEW HOPE time, and Darth Maul is yet to revisit him. Here’s hoping that they will find another story to tell, and if they feel it necessary to include Owen, Beru, little Luke, or his pal Biggs, that they do it in some way that makes sense and has meaning for the series, instead of a thrill-ride to nowhere. 

Read all about it at Omega Underground:

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