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JoBlo asks Vinnie Jones about Travolta's SWORDFISH, Adam Rifkin's NIGHT AT THE GOLDEN EAGLE and so much more

Father Geek here with an interview with tough guy VINNIE JONES of SNATCH etc... that JoBlo sent in to me today. There's alot more to it on his site so make sure to follow the link on over there after you finish up here. He's got shots of Vinnie from his soccer (football) days as well as some pics from his flicks too. Now on to JoBlo...

Not necessarily a "news" item but I got to interview Vinnie Jones this weekend and I'm pretty excited: Click Here for TOTAL Interview plus lots of pictures.

He mentions his part in Travolta's next film, SWORDFISH, which they apparently JUST finished shooting and a little bit about the plot of his next film, directed by Adam Rifkin. The biggest surprise for me was that he said that he DOESN'T drink beer!!! Pretty weird, eh? Anyway, it's actually because he's trying to stay in shape and all.....



THE INTERVIEW... (abridged)

JoBlo: You've recently gained much popularity here in North America, due to the video success of LOCK, STOCK.. and GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, but not many people seem to know much about you. I wondered if you could give us an idea of how you slipped in to Hollywood?

Vinnie: Well, I played soccer for about 15 years, and it was just a little bit of luck really. I had done a little TV show, and Guy Ritchie saw me on it and offered me the part of Big Chris in LOCK, STOCK. Just luck and fate really.

JoBlo: So then you were never looking to get into movies at all?

Vinnie: No.

JoBlo: Interesting. And why did you leave soccer, or are you still playing?

Vinnie: No, I left last year to come out to Hollywood and do GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, and then I went back and did SNATCH, and then straight back here, where I just finished a movie called SWORDFISH with John Travolta...

JoBlo: You mentioned SWORDFISH, co-starring John Travolta and directed by Dominic Sena (GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS). Would you mind telling us a little bit about your character in that movie?

Vinnie: I play John Travolta's right hand man. He basically gets five mercenaries together and we go into a bank and try to steal this big slush fund that the CIA has got, which no one knows about. And we have to do it with computers. It's a Joel Silver movie...a big action movie.

JoBlo: Hugh Jackman is also in it, right? Wolverine from X-Men. Halle Berry…

Vinnie: Sam Shepard, Don Cheadle…

JoBlo: And you've finished shooting already?

Vinnie: Yeah, we finished yesterday. Last night. Yeah. I think it's gonna come out on the 15th of June.

JoBlo: You've also got another movie called NIGHT AT THE GOLDEN EAGLE with director Adam Rifkin (DETROIT ROCK CITY).

Vinnie: Yeah, I did this small budget movie, a million dollar movie over here, which is nearly done. We actually filmed it a few months ago but they're putting it together now, got a few people interested. I think Castle Rock is interested in buying it.

JoBlo: And what did you play in that movie?

Vinnie: A pimp.

JoBlo: Nice. And what's the movie about?

Vinnie: It's one night. It's a night in the life of this hotel in downtown L.A., you know, with all the weird and wonderful characters. I've got a couple of girls who work outside for me.

JoBlo: OK, two more quickies. Any future projects with Guy Ritchie in the works?

Vinnie: No, Guy hasn't got anything coming up in the near future, all that is paper talk.

JoBlo: And lastly, a bit of an unfair question, but which one was more fun for you: playing soccer or making movies? I'm guessing that you probably love 'em both.

Vinnie: I love 'em both but it's all about the present and I just love what I'm doing now. It's a great adventure and it's very exciting for me.

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  • Jan. 15, 2001, 7:24 p.m. CST

    Gazza's Nads

    by Senor Askew

    Who hasn't seen the picture of Vinnie grabbing Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne's nads? Vinnie's cool, but anybody who knows about him from his old football career will get the joke more then anybody else.