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Legendary Pictures is currently developing a new LIVE ACTION Pokemon movie "Detective Pikachu" based off of the Japanese Nintendo 3DS video game “Great Detective Pikachu”.  You may be unfamiliar with the spinoff “Great Detective Pikachu” because it was only released in Japan and has yet to have made its way over to the states, or anywhere else in the world.


The lead role was a competition between some surprising names: Hugh Jackman, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Ryan Reynolds! Though, not surprisingly, they have just chosen Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu in the upcoming movie!

Everybody knows that Pikachu has a vocabulary about as extensive as Groot’s, so it’ll be interesting to see the yellow rat talk for once. Pikachu talks in the video game, and with a voice much deeper than you would expect. I’m a bit disappointed now though that we won’t get to hear Hugh Jackman’s suave Australian accent come out of his mouth.


Rob Letterman (“Goosebumps”, “Sharktale”) is directing, while Alex Hirsch of the awesomely campy “Gravity Falls” pens the script!


Check out the trailer for the 3DS game to get a better idea of what “Detective Pikachu” is about. It is quite different from the usual Pokemon games and the anime.

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