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Deadpool Learns Portuguese to Announce Comic Con Tattoos!



Looks like Deadpool is at it again with his brilliant shenanigans (one hell of a marketing team) to build up hype for the upcoming movie “Deadpool 2”! This time around, he has taken it upon himself to learn the Portuguese language to announce that that this year at the Brazil Comic Con there will be official tattoos available in either English or Portuguese.


Of the four tattoos available: there is one with a heart that has Deadpool’s face in it. Another heart with swords that has the banner saying “Your mom” across it,  once with the Brazilian flag containing Deadpool’s face, and then finally the  last with a pair of Deadpool’s praying hands.



This is probably one of the more bizarre marketing promotions I have seen. Surely they’ll send trained and sanitary professionals to do the tattoos, but it’s just strange that they are offering tattoos to promote the movie at all.  Even if the professionals are sanitary, I wouldn’t trust the rest of the convention to be. Will this become some kind of new movie marketing trend? How many people are going to leave CCXP17 with a fresh tattoo of Deadpool on their ass?


~Big Eyes


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