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First pictures from DC’s “Titans” Arise! A DC Streaming Service?

Heya geeks, if you’re already pumped for “Titans”, we have some fodder for your fandom. We received some pictures of Brenton Thwaites as Robin, a young Dick Grayson who will later become Nightwing!

Earlier it was reported that they were going to start straight off with Nightwing in the Titans, but in the new picture, it’s quite apparent that we will see Robin first, and we probably get to watch him grow into Nightwing. Teenage drama, hormones, and alien girls, OH MY! I’ve seen a live action, Robin, before, so I guess he’s looking okay. I can’t wait to see Starfire or Raven brought into “reality”!

“Titans” will run exclusively online as part of a new streaming service,  which is coming out sometime next year. What this new service is, is currently being kept under wraps by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Since everyone and their grandma is getting their own streaming service, it’s  probably going to be a Warner Bros. only, or even a DC only, kind of stream that you pay ~$10/mo for. Honestly, I assumed that “Titans” was going to be another CW drama, but I’m interested in seeing what becomes of it on this fancy new service. (Going to “trial” the heck  out of it first, of course.)

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