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HOUSE OF CARDS to carry on, Spacey-less! Precious Roy is intrigued. With SPOILERS!

Hola Dannie aqui,

Precious Roy came in with the news that the Netflix hit "HOUSE OF CARDS" will carry on, Spacey-less! This has me intrigued. Read on for the story, fair warning possible SPOILERS!


Hey folks! Precious Roy here with some fresh news regarding the current state of the nation over at HOUSE OF CARDS…

For those who have been watching the phenomenal American remake of HOUSE OF CARDS over the last five seasons on Netflix, you’ll remember that President Frank Underwood resigned by admitting to manipulating the downfall of the previous president, putting his fate in the hands of his wife Claire Underwood, also the Vice President, and now the President of the United States. And as Frank twisted in the wind, waiting for the Presidential pardon Claire was sagely withholding, Claire took command of both the Oval Office and the fourth wall narrative, gamely announcing, “My turn.”

The word comes today from Deadline Hollywood that HOUSE OF CARDS, after some internal work-through following the Kevin Spacey scandal, has decided to resume filming a new season. While pre-production catches up with the changes, the crew is being paid through their hiatus and will begin immediately after the hiatus ends. On December the 8th.

This is great news for HOUSE OF CARDS fans, wanting a worthwhile resolution to the hit show. While we’ll never have the battle of wits we would have had with Frank taking on Claire in a behind-the-scenes battle royale of Washington politics, we can at least examine what kind of presidency Claire Underwood would have—and unburdened by working out Frank’s place in it all. This frees the writers to concentrate on Claire's presidency on her own terms instead of under Frank's thumb.

No word yet on how Frank Underwood will be written out of the series, but I cannot imagine they will try to replace Kevin Spacey. He’s just too big of a presence and too established in the previous five seasons of production to completely replace in that role. Then again, they did it with ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD… perhaps Harrison Ford, William Devane, or even Christopher Plummer’s agents will be fielding calls…? Naw.

I’m predicting an off-camera death that Claire Underwood is somehow responsible for, and one of the background figures in the Barnes cover-up—Doug Stamper, who has long had a tension with Claire—to become Claire’s new nemesis/partner. Fans of the British series will note that doing away with Frank Underwood, especially if he is assassinated, would fairly mirror the original ending of that series, and provide a great bookend to the American series. While Spacey will leave a big hole in the show—his performance was the primary one, and Robin Wright’s brilliant Claire Underwood was always secondary, as his partner and nemesis—the season has already been set up to be Claire’s with that last line of dialogue, anyways. This could be a fairly brilliant final season… but it will (of course) have a very large ghost looming over it, in Kevin Spacey’s removal.

That said—buy my bellybutton lint, SUCKERS! 

Precious Roy out of here!

Here’s the Deadline Hollywood article:

Dannie back, to say sincere thanks to Precious Roy for taking the reigns on this one, I am a huge fan of the series, and happy to hear that like AICN it is bigger and stronger, than just one persona.

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies, and some T.V.!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa 


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