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Already sick of Porgs? Wheels says this new STARS WARS: THE LAST JEDI T.V. Spot might be for you!

Hola Dannie aqui!

With a Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg-errific update via our Tennessee geek Wheels! Thanks for the hilarity! 

Wheels here again,
We are racing near the release of the newest STAR WARS film and obviously, fandom is nearing a frenzy of anticipation and as some of those fans wait, impatiently, they play with Photoshop and make memes, right?
The biggest current STAR WARS subject of this wonderfully silly internet tradition are the Porgs: those, admittedly adorable, inhabitants of the planet where Old Man Luke has been hanging out all this time.
The Porg memes are seemingly everywhere on the internet right now and it can be easy to get sick of them, and the Porgs, already.
Which brings us to the newest STAR WARS tv spot. It's full of mostly the same footage we have seen already but there is a glorious moment for any fan sick and tired of Porgs. Let's check it out shall we?

I could watch that all day.

STARS WARS: THE LAST JEDI opens on Friday, December 15th ... in all its bitch-slapping glory.
Wheels out!
 Dannie back!
Holy shit that was fucking priceless side-splittingly amusement! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on AICN! 
Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!
Dannie aka Pekosapeligrosa
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