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A QUIET PLACE Teaser Has AstroHeathen Tense!

Hola Dannie aqui!
AstroHeathen has hooked us up with the chilling trailer for "A Quiet Place"!

AstroHeathen here!

Directed by John Krasinski (that guy from THE OFFICE), written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (NIGHTLIGHT, IMPULSE) and produced by Michael Bay, this teaser trailer for A QUIET PLACE definitely has my attention!

The story centers around a family of four living in the countryside. John Krasinski plays the father, while Emily Blunt (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, LOOPER) is the mother of two children, depicted by talented youth, England-born Noah Jupe (PENNY DREADFUL, THE NIGHT MANAGER) and Millicent Simmonds, a deaf American actress who had her acting debut in WONDERSTRUCK earlier this year. The teaser starts with Millie laying in the white sand, awakening with a start. The family use sign language and have replaced their board game pieces with soft fabric. Stepping on autumn leaves is a big enough fear in this world... never mind knocking over gas lamps. 

The family lives in absolute silence, using the sand to form paths around their compound. This brings a whole new element to survival horror, and I'm left wondering just how creative the film crew got with sound-proofing this family's every-day lives. I imagine it would take many of us some getting used to... if we even had the time to adapt.

Overall, this teaser definitely left me wanting to know more. Fingers crossed it's not invisible monsters, never seeing what was "out there" in IT COMES AT NIGHT was magnificent but this definitely gives way for something a bit less surreal. Listed as a supernatural thriller drama, and always being hopeful for something spooky and outside the box, I'll definitely be going into this one with an open mind an appreciation for the great talent, production and creative liberty being taken in this project. 

What's going on? Are they being hunted by demons? Mutants? Aliens? Who knows! But I'm looking forward to finding out! 

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 Dannie back!
Just want to send out thanks to AstroHeathen for the write-up! This flick looks creepy as all fuck, cannot wait to give it a watch!
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