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Multiple Man Movie! James Franco talking with FOX! -Dannie

Hola Dannie aqui!

Marvel's Multiple Man character might be getting his own film and James Franco is in the talks with FOX! As well as Wonder Woman's popular writer Allan Heinberg! The film is being produced by Simon Kinberg of Genre Films, and Romona Films (James and Dave Franco's production company that they share with Vincent Jolivette.)

Jamie Madrox also known as Multiple Man, is a rare form of mutant that instead of developing his powers during puberty, he was born with them. The moment the Doctor slapped his baby bum, he duplicated, he does this through physical contact like a handshake or snapping his fingers! His parents later die in a tornado when Madrox was fifteen years young, he then lived alone for six years on the rural family farm. Eventually leaving the farm Madrox then travels to Muir Island to become a lab assistant for the mutant Moira MacTaggert. He was on several government-run teams X-Factor, X-Corporation Paris, and the X-Corps. Later Madrox recruits some of his former teammates to join his agency X-Factor Investigations! Whenever he creates an instant "dupe" each one has the same multiplying powers, and when Madrox reabsorbs his dupes he gains any and all information, experiences, and skills that were developed during the split. Madrox utilizes this to gain abilities, like combat, stealth, espionage, medicine, gymnastics, law, languages and more! Each dupe is a part of Madrox and his psyche, one dupe may represent the lustful, fearful, angry or depressed parts of his personality, this makes his power in combat slightly unpredictable and leaves a comedic opening, like that of the 1996 Michael Keaton film "Multiplicity."

As always I hope the best for all comic book based films, and I habitually enjoy James Franco's work. However, this comes as a surprise that they would give Multiple Man a solo film, especially seeing as he was such a team player throughout the Marvel universe. This has the potential to go in many different directions and I am very curious to see where the talented Allan Heinberg will take the story, and the myriad of moods Franco will have access to as an actor. Overall I am excited to see this come to fruition.  


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Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa



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