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I died! Deadpool as Bob Ross in a new teaser! Big Eyes

Big Eyes here,

Yet another Deadpool teaser has been dropped, and I’m crying! Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic Bob Ross parody followed up with even more scenes from the new movie “Deadpool 2”! I wonder how exactly they approach Ryan Reynolds with these promotions they want him to do. Are they his idea, or do they just give him an idea to riff on and run with?

Reynolds gives us comedic gold, saying things like “God I love cocaine”, and “Holy fuck knuckles, I am high as a kite right now” in Bob Ross’ calm soothing voice. The names of the paint colors that are used in the real Bob Ross’ videos are usually listed at the beginning for the people following along to match him correctly. Deadpool's colors were cleverly named things like “Clockwork Orange”, “Betty White”, and “Doc Brown”.

Then towards the end, Deadpool is startled by a Deadpool looking monster that has appeared over the trees in the painting as though he has no recollection of painting it.

Watch the hilarious teaser here!

Deadpool 2 is scheduled for release June 1, 2018


Big Eyes,  signing off!

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