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Dannie reviews Justice League!

Hola Dannie aqui!

Well, last night I had the pleasure of going to a press screening of Justice League on an Imax screen! Before the film began they played two trailers, one for Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One" which was fucking absolutely gorgeous on the IMAX, and then the new Laura Croft movie trailer which I truly could care less about. Then the DC opening intro began starting with a tight view of the characters from this "Justice League" and then pans out revealing an almost panoramic shot of a multi-verse of characters!

It begins with a rooftop robbery, Batman peering down in a wannabe Frank Miller-esque year one style. Propped atop a building in a Gargoyle type stance. The ultimately protective spirit-like icon of Gotham City leaps from the shadows at the thieving thug. The thug fires his gun at the Batman, he dodges them scurrying through the shadows like a phantom, eventually knocking the firearm aside and coming fist to cuffs with the thug and using a rope to lasso the thug into hanging off the edge of the dark rooftop they have a heart to heart. We start to hear a strange fluttering and insect-like noise, cut to the thugs face more terrified than before, something quickly flies above him! Batman pulls the thug to safety, and begins to battle the creature (later to be revealed as a parademon) the fight is rough but our hero crafty as ever pins the parademon down with an exploding net gadget. The parademon tries to resist his constraints only to explode leaving a strange glyph burned into the wall the monstrosity was affixed to. Three strange squares, Batman immediately communicates with our favorite badass butler Alfred, Alfred confirms it is the same as some other crime scenes. Returning to the Batcave Bruce and Alfred agree something serious is going on, they speak of Clark Kent and the dangers the current world faces without him to protect it, and you see a true sense of mourning and guilt in Mr. Wayne's eyes. They agree this problem is too big for only Batman, he must form an alliance of badasses!

Cut to a memorial montage to Superman with a cover of Leonard Cohen's song "Everybody Knows" performed by Sigrid playing, I personally would have preferred Cohen's version but the innocence of the singer's voice added to a kind of insecure, childlike atmosphere, and lingering sadness. You see the public's hope in a future is broken as Superman was that beacon, you see the Kent family farm has been foreclosed on, you see Lois Lane refusing challenging stories, and then there's the huge black and silver memorial banners covering the landscape. It is obvious the world took Supermans death pretty darn hard, it seems to even be hinted that his death had economic ramifications and a deeply emotional one. At one point in the memorial musical moment they pan by a newsstand revealing a sweet little easter egg, on the cover of the Metropolis Post, there are three main photos David Bowie, Superman, and Prince with a headline that read "Did They Return To Their Planet?" the other front page news was bleak, I found a picture of the paper!

Then we cut to Wonder Woman in Paris atop a beautiful domed roof next to a golden statue, I think was Lady Justice but I could be wrong. This was met with immediate applause by the theatergoers and me of course. Anywho, below her ruthless maniacal psychopaths, hell bent on destroying four entire blocks have set a bomb. Wonder Woman crashes through the doors with the force of a tank, immediately she see the bomb and the helpless mortals cowering in fear captured by the madmen, she has seconds to get the bomb to safety, what ensues is ultimate badassery a true illustration of her speed, agility, and overall protective maternal instinct when it comes to us, fragile humans. Gal Gadot rocked the hell out of this film as she has set the bar for DC delights. She does not disappoint, and is all of the awesome!

Then there is Paradise Island where we see the Amazons on alert at a strange temple, within it is a circular room with Amazons circled around a cube that is centered on a pedestal. Hippolyta enters in a worried frenzied she stares at what then is referred to as the "Mother Box" which we learn has been stagnant for over 5000 years. It begins to crack, shake and light up in a magical glowy force emanates from within it. Suddenly parademons are everywhere and joining them is Steppenwolf, a towering gigantic warlike creature god! The Amazons and the evil forces clash in an ungodly and brutal battle in which they lose custody of the Mother Box to the intimidating and insane villain. Due to the loss, Hippolyta fires an arrow that lights a mystic fire to warn Diana of the impending doom!

Now for Aquaman, we are introduced to him in a rural fishing village where he is seen as a guardian of types supplying the village with fish during harsh winters. Batman appears in the local tavern talking to locals trying to identify Aquaman, and in doing so finds Arthur Curry. After a short protective argument, Aquaman is revealed. Batman tries to recruit him to no avail, I loved the banter between them throughout the film. Jason Momoa's performance was truly charmingly entertaining, and the attitude of the character was very punk rock surfer.

Now for the Flash, the first to eagerly join Batman and Wonder Woman, we get a short introduction to his origin and his relationship with his imprisoned father. He is an understandably socially awkward young man who truly geeks out upon meeting Batman and the others as well as joining a team and the possibility of friends. I really enjoyed the innocence, phobias, and naivety of the character.

Cyborg, to be honest, I thought this character was going to be a bland background super. I am happy to report that they handled his origin masterfully and his resentment to his father for Frankensteining him together with alien technology that humanity and Cyborg himself is yet to understand the extent of. I think Ray Fisher did an exquisite job bringing humanity to the character of Cyborg! Also, I loved his attitude towards joining the league.

We learn that the Mother Boxes are the embodiment of destructive power, and when all three are joined together Steppenwolf will then have the ability to manifest his hellscape home planet on ours, and that 5000 years ago all the tribes of man joined the Atlantians, Amazons and ancient Gods and Goddesses in battle against Steppenwolf the conqueror, his armies and his nightmarish dream. The battle was fierce, millions died but through working together they defeated and imprisoned the big bad guy. They split the three boxes, one went with the Amazons, the other with the Atlantians, and the last given to the tribes of man was buried and hidden in secret.

So Steppenwolf heads to Atlantis! A battle ensues, and holy moly is Mera a fierce fighter! The underwater fight scene was gorgeous! Aquaman shows up a little to late and Steppenwolf escapes with the second box! Afterward, Mera gives him a verbal ass whooping and reminds him of his duty to Atlantis, and now that this evil has escaped the world.

Finally, the team beats Steppenwolf to a box, and use its super powers to do something pretty darn super.... That I believe are enough spoilers! This film was so much fun and was not as hokey as I was expecting thank gawd. I truly enjoyed it and it is beautiful that DC has learned what works because everything about this worked. There is a scene during an epic battle where the Flash makes eye contact with the then adversary and it was so fucking hilariously awesome, you will know it when you see it! There were two little teasers after the film, one a race... and the other Lex Luther announcing that he is going to start his own league! Overall AWESOMENESS!

I will be seeing this one again!

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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