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Big Eyes says that “Justice League” does the league JUSTICE

Hey geeks! Big Eyes here, bringing you my inSIGHT on the new “Justice League” movie.


I’ll do my best to make this spoiler free, but still have you all get an idea of what you’re getting into. "Justice League" was fantastic, and every individual character is a solid element of what made the Justice League great really shines through in this flick. Every time you see one of the heroes doing what they do best as themselves, you just want to cheer, clap, or even cry.


Let’s begin with Wonder Woman, she is essential. Not just by what I would expect from the comic books or the animated series (which as the cartoon geek, I am most familiar with) she really brings it to the table by being herself, and doing what she does because that is who she is. No tragic, grim and brooding backstory, she was simply raised to be a badass warrior woman that fights for good. Gal Gadot does a stunning performance, much to Dannie Knowles’ joy, as I witnessed her do a fingertip clap with glee every time Wonder Woman did something awesome. In my eye, Dannie is definitely the geeky authority over what makes a good Wonder Woman.


I am convinced that the actor (Ezra Miller) who plays The Flash is Jimmy Fallon’s illegitimate son. The character was quite enjoyable, but it was a bit off-putting to be constantly reminded of the late night talk show host. When we would see Flash’s super speed in slow-mo, I couldn’t help but think of Quicksilver in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Seen it before, but I still love to see it. Great visual humor. Yeah, if you hadn’t guessed from any previous knowledge of Flash or any of the trailers, he is comic relief. Big surprise. However, Miller does so without being obnoxious, which is a big plus!


Has anyone else ever noticed that the Gotham Police Department is extremely dependant on Gotham being gloomy and cloudy for the Bat Signal to show up well enough to get Batman’s attention? If it’s ever a clear summer night, you can bet that Gotham will be trouble! Ben Affleck is an even better Batman in “Justice League” than he was in “Batman vs. Superman”. We all wanted to hate it, but gotta give credit where it is due. Affleck is a decent Batman.


J.K. Simmons has moved on from his obsession with pictures of Spiderman as J.J. Jameson to being somewhat reasonable with Batman as Commissioner Gordon; and I don’t know if I like seeing him this way. I absolutely don’t recall if he was in “Batman vs. Superman”, I was too busy trying to not kill myself as BvS dragged on. Perhaps IMDB was too, because they don’t mention him in the cast list on that one. I still don’t understand the casting choice for Lex Luthor and… You know what? I could rage on BvS for a long while, but this is a “Justice League” review,  so we’ll go back to that.


I never thought I’d say this, but Aquaman was pretty fucking awesome. I love the design they have given him. It is far better than his orange shirt, and green pants that I’ve known him to have from the “Justice Friends”. There was an interpretation of Aqualad on “Young Justice” a few years ago, and I was taken aback by how much cooler they had made him than Aquaman. Aqualad was given the power to generate electricity, an actual elemental power. Why do you gotta be so useless, animated Aquaman? I don’t see you shocking your enemies, unless it’s via some juicy gossip with your fish friends! While they didn’t give Aquaman any electricity powers in “Justice League”, he was certainly a force to be reckoned with.


I am not terribly familiar with the villain named Steppenwolf,though he is portrayed to have  some super mommy issues. Beyond that: he’s kind of lame and flat and boring. Aside what he is shown to have done in the past, the average movie goer wouldn’t really care about him or want to know much more about Steppenwolf. As far as I can tell, from the movie: he’s just evil for the sake of being evil and forgettable as heck.


Speaking of being forgettable: I almost forgot to mention Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher. He did a good job showing off an emotionless “robotic” expression throughout the movie, that is the impression I got of what was intended for that character in this particular movie. I am a bit confused why Cyborg was even in “Justice League”, in the first place though. I know him as being a much more animated character from the “Teen Titans” animated series, but I get the feeling that show probably wasn’t too faithful to the comic books. I don’t know what else to say about him. I enjoyed his design. He was there, he did his job.  Maybe I would have been much more excited to see him if Cyborg had had his own origin movie before “Justice League”. Or maybe we will get one later on, now because of “Justice League”.


Overall, the movie was a lot of fun, with a lot of great action, and aims to please the fans with some nice surprises along the way! If I were to compare it to any other DC movie, I would still say that the “Wonder Woman” movie was better, but don’t think that I mean that “Justice League” isn’t worth seeing. Quite the contrary. If you’ve been dying to see the league in action, the movie does it....JUSTICE. Oh ho ho, you see what I did there?

See you guys at the theater,

~Big Eyes

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