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Precious Roy gets pumped for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’s latest T.V. spot!


Hola Dannie Aqui with Precious Roy and THE LAST JEDI TV spot with a sly Daisy Ridley grin as Rey trains:

Hey, folks, Precious Roy here. Have a peek at this latest STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI spot (#4), which features Finn!

I love me some Finn. I’m looking forward to seeing his parentage revealed, when and if that happens… I have a feeling that Finn and Rey’s parentages will be brought to light in parallel during this trilogy… likely near the end of Episode 8, and midway through Episode 9, just as Luke and Leia were revealed (in Episodes 5 and 6, respectively), as Abrams’ plan continues to mirror the original trilogy.

In this quick clip, we get a stronger sense of Finn’s presence in Episode 8 for the first time; most of the promotional clips and trailers have focused on the obvious and important drama on Ahch-To. In fifteen seconds, they do a good job of letting us know that Finn isn’t forgotten in this film, and he’s going to have some heroic moments.

Finn opening the spot with “May the Force be with you” got me on board, quick-like. I’m just delighted to see that non-Force (…wait, or IS he?!?) Finn picks up a lightsaber again to take on his former captain, Phasma. There’s more of the same Rey vs. rock from the longer trailers, and some winging Poe Damaron for good measure (perhaps it’s Poe saving a still grounded Finn from an aerial TIE fighter assault?). I feel like a kid again watching Boyega having fun being part of the new trilogy.

I’m very excited for this film after a recent viewing of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. I’m much more forgiving now about Episode 7’s more vaudevillian moments, such as Finn first concocting the lie that he’s Resistance, when I remember this is a space fairy tale for everybody, not just for the kids who grew up on the previous films. I’m also thrilled to see what Rian Johnson has done for this film after Thursday’s news that he’s helming his own trilogy in the outer ‘verse.

Lucasfilm that has had some ups and downs in the past year, including the replacement of Colin Trevorrow as the director of Episode 9 after the poor showing of THE BOOK OF HENRY, and Ron Howard stepping in to direct HAN SOLO for the fired Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. But if there’s been some missteps, Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy seem to be masterful at putting things right, for the good of the franchise. Their heavy investment in Rian Johnson suggests that we are in for a damn fine Star Wars film, December 15th.

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