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Disney Streaming Developing Live-Action STAR WARS TV Series!! Also New Marvel & Pixar Series!!

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It looks like the first live-action Star Wars TV series won’t be airing on TV.

Disney chief Bob Iger announced Thursday that Disney’s new streaming service is developing a live-action series set in the Star Wars universe.

Iger says the new streaming service will cost “substantially below” the $10.99 per month Netflix charges.

There have been loads of Star Wars TV series over the decades “Droids,” “Ewoks,” “Rebels” and two “Clone Wars,” but never a non-cartoon.

Even before Disney bought Lucasfilm, George Lucas and "Battlestar Galactica" mastermind Ron Moore were developing a live-action Star Wars TV series. 44 scripts were written, but I guess they weren't that great.  Disney got those scripts with the rest of Lucasfilm, but ABC elected not to greenlight them to series.  I gather other channels evinced a similar lack of enthusiasm.

No word on when the Star Wars streaming will be set, but the smart money is on a long time ago.

Iger said the Disney streaming service is also developing a live-action show with its Marvel subsidiary, as well as new series tied to "Monsters Inc." and "High School Musical," but offered no other details on these projects.

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