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Johnny Depp finds there’s no place like Gnome in this “Sherlock Gnomes” trailer!



Heya geeks, Big Eyes reporting!

Ever find yourself wishing that there was more of “Gnomeo and Juliet”? Well, your weird prayers have been answered, and then some! Johnny Depp makes a return to the theaters since I last heard of him in that “Pirates of the Caribbean #27 million” that bombed hard, as “Sherlock Gnomes”! I think more specifically, that POTC movie titled “Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Needs to Pay His Divorce Lawyer, and That Wasn’t Enough So Now He’s a Fucking Gnome”. Joking aside, I really hope that Johnny finds his way again. But I digress.

Here is a description of “Sherlock Gnomes” from IMDB:

“Garden gnomes, Gnomeo & Juliet, recruit renown detective, Sherlock Gnomes, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments.”


Check out the trailer here:


There you have it. What do you guys think? Did you guys at all like the previous movie “Gnomeo and Juliet”? I personally wasn’t a fan, but I’d like to hear what you all thought of it.


“Sherlock Gnomes” is scheduled for release March 23rd, 2018.


Animation geekette out,

~Big Eyes

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