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Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Phantom Thread" with Daniel Day Lewis has a trailer & poster!

Hola Dannie aqui!

 Received the poster and trailer today for "The Phantom Thread" to be Daniel Day Lewis' last cinematic performance as he plays the world famous, complex and powerful high fashion clothing designer bachelor Reynolds Woodcock, thanks Madame Revenant for the write up! 

Madame Revenant rising from the abyss! 

“Every love story is a tragedy if you wait long enough”. - "A Handmaids Tale"


Love is only an emotion we perceive but it can define how we react to our reality. It can change our whole world if we allow it. Which is what Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film "The PHANTOM THREAD" seems to be centered around.

Daniel Day Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a high society clothing designer living in London in the 1950s. He is a determined artist, obsessed with perfection, adoration, and success. Even though he seems to have the life, he feels as if something is missing. By chance he meets his muse, not at a fabulous party but at a restaurant. He falls in love with Johanna (Camila Rutherford) which inspires him to create wonderful things. But as with any finished product, often the inspiration is no longer needed. The artist simply moves on. Will this story have a happy ending? Well, if you have watched any of Paul Thomas Anderson’s other remarkable films then you know the answer. Probably not, but it will be filled with intrigue, passion, transcendence, heartache, and devastation.


Check out the trailer and let me know your thoughts. 


Crazy that this will be Daniel Day Lewis’s last film, but it seems fitting that he chose PTA to direct him one final time. The film will hit theaters December 25, 2017.


See you on the other side,

Madame Revenant


Dannie back,

I am so sad this will be D.D.L.'s last film I have loved and admired his work for most of my life, it is a bittersweet adieu. As an actor he went above and beyond, and I know he will with this one too. 

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies 

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa 



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