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Predator 2018! Teaser and Poster! Dannie's got the electrifying news!

Hola Dannie aqui!

Wow got a teaser and poster design for the new "Predator" film truly electrifying news! What we know so far about the project, the director is Shane Black who you may remember directed "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Iron Man 3."  Black is also a writer on this project, some of his previous writing gigs are "Lethal Weapon 1-4", "The Last Boy Scout", "MONSTER SQUAD" and now is in post production for this project as well as being announced as director and a writer position on the new "Doc Savage" film. (please keep the John Philip Sousa and Frank De Vol theme pretty please as it ROCKS!)  Joining him on "Predator 2018" are three fellow writers Fred Dekker (writer on "House 1 and 2", "MONSTER SQUAD", "Robocop 3", "Tales from the Crypt" and "Star Trek Enterprise") Jim Thomas and John Thomas  are mainly doing character work. Jim and John Thomas have worked together on a ton of projects like the 1987 "Predator" film and quite a few of the Aliens Versus Predator games, films and such. I am very excited to learn they (John and Jim) were writer's on "Batman: Dead End" from 2003 a great little short if you have not seen it, give it a gander!  I played the hell out of that short at my old video store and got to meet Sandy Collora the short films director and special effects maniac (also very cool human). Hopefully this project will not suck, as the director and writers have been on spot before. I just hated the AVP series, games and films. They all felt so.... "commercial." Fingers crossed this goes good and is not just camp value on the monsters and violence. I wanna care about the people being skinned alive and hung in trees, this is important. I am excited and scared for this project. Fingers crossed. Please be good, the teaser and poster are! What does the mighty geek, geekette and talkbacker community think?    



We shall all see the invisible menace on August 3rd 2018, whether is going to be as gruesomely great or just a plain boring bomb. Boring it should not be, and seeing as "Stander" aka Thomas Jane and the Edward James Olmos are cast I will have to root for this one! "Two plus two it's Easy!" Please new "Predator" scare me like the first one did when I was 6 years old, fuck scare us all us! 

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Sister Satan aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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