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"Blockers" Redband Trailer- Dannie and Precious Roy React!

Hola Dannie aqui!

Precious Roy our Florida boy, appeared with this redband trailer hanging from his four eyed sock puppet mouth! Enjoy his write up on this repulsively hilarious trailer, I will follow up with my take at the bottom below the funny picture of John Cena, but first here's Precious Roy!

Precious Roy here with a redband trailer for Blockers!

It's a lowbrow comedy starring Jon Cena, Leslie Mann, and MADtv's Ike Barinholtz as parents whose kids have been friends since childhood. As they grow up together, their kids' Prom rapidly approaches, the parents discover that the kids have made a pact to lose their virginity on Prom night. Deciding that their kids are not ready/the parents are not ready for this, these three adults decide the appropriate course of action is to attempt to spy on the girls in hopes of sabotaging their wannabe sex lives-- deliberately cockblocking their children. Here is the trailer my thoughts are below...

This is not a new concept. We've seen this story before, in both movies and television-- parents overreeacting to their teenage daughters reaching the age of consent. The question is, do we want to see it John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz chug beer through one of their respective assholes to prevent their empty nest syndrome?

The trailer suggests, yeah, we kinda do, if we're that really small demographic of adult parents preparing for the imminent departure of a child from the family home, or a teenager about to experience Prom and leave home. Or maybe someone who wants to see Cena get a beer enema on camera.

My only significant comment: hats off to whomever worked out the physics of that moment when Ike's character is knocked off the railing and Cena has to catch him.


 Returning to my shopping Network and fellow sock puppet friends until next time "Sucker's"!

 Precious Roy!


Dannie back!

Well, even though it is shock humor that is played out and a plot that we have seen before, the trailer did make me chuckle a little. Now my son is in his Senior year in High School, has been dating a while, I am by no means these people. However if I found these text's I would probably lose my mind, for a second. Then I would talk to my kid. This is a great exageration on a comedic level and could go either really well in the vein of "Something About Mary" and her hilariously wiping the cum into her hair or Ben's zipper emergency. However how much I would hope this, there is no telling until I see it.

That being said, the butt-chugging is something... I if in charge of a studio I would not even put in a redband trailer just because it is going to immediatley devide the audience, and if that is not the grossest part of this movie, well then eeewww. This is a "Oh my Gawd! They Didn't" trailer and I hope the film has soul added to boot! However I am very often let down by comedies, I know they are one of the hardest genres to make work not just for lil' ole' opinionated me, but the masses as well. Good luck to "Blockers" thanks for the chucke, please do not be just shock value humor, have some heart.

Thank you for the write up Roy,

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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