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Lady Liberators! In talks! Please make this happen!

Hola Dannie aqui!

This news has my head exploding with possibilities! There are talks going around about a possible Lady Liberators film! Why would this be an awesome idea? If you are asking that question, let me give you a little geekette history as to what this would mean to me.  

As a little girl my Mother wanted me to be into "girl stuff" however I always thought baby dolls, Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kid's were demeaning, stupid, and to be honest scary. They all reminded me of the scene in "Barbarella" where the evil kids have their dolls try to devour Jane Fonda, this combined with just the trailers for Chucky made me not trust "dolls". Also my brother did tell me how uncool it was that girls were forced into either playing the part of a Mommy, the pretty/sexy girl, the mindless shopper, and or the role of girlfriend. 

I did like She-Ra, Jem, Rainbowbrite, and Strawberry Shortcake thats about as mainstream girly as I got and I never worshipped these characters, they were so vanilla. Still, none of them were near as cool as my true heroines. I pretended to be Red Sonja from the comics at first and then there was the movie and I now know it is not very good, but as a little girl it was amazing to see a take no shit female that was red headeded like me. Next was Ripley and Newt from Aliens, Ripley being an emotionally complex warrior woman who summoned her maternal nature in the "Mama Bear" style to save. And Newt being a traumatized little girl who saw everyone she loved torn apart yet still survived showing the undying spirit children have, and the ability to weather any storm. Another I worshipped was Sarah Conner, her journey from a normal waitress being turned into an ultimate bad ass was inspirational.

 So this project that Tessa Thompson a.k.a Valkyrie is fighting for is truly beyond cool! The Lady Liberators came about as a result of the womens civil rights movement,  Roy ThomasJohn Buscema and Tom Palmer all took the inspiration in 1970 and the ladies first appeared in the Avengers #83, released in 1970.! This was a powerful move that inspired generations of women and men of all ages, including me. If this project comes to fruition it will inspire and empower, and be a money maker. I know there have been talks of a "Black Widow" film but only that as of now. Hopefully the popularity of DC's Wonder Woman film will illustrate the markets potential to Marvel.

My fingers are crossed, and prayers sent out, keep fighting for this Tessa Thompson! I will do my part! This would be so cool if it happens! 

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies


Dannie / Pekosa Peligrosa 


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