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"Replicas" Keanu Reeves Trailer hits and Madame Revenant hits back!

Hola Dannie here!

We got the trailer for the new Keanu Reeves flick "Replicas" from our in house Madame, Madame Revenant. I personnally agree with her take on it...

Madame Revenant asks you this:

How far would you go to keep the ones you love with you? Would you bring back the dead if you could? Would you play God?

Replicas is an upcoming film which asks just that. Keanu Reeves plays Will Foster, as a “scientist” (what it states on IMDB) which brings back his family after they all perished in a car accident. Once he is able to revive them from death, he proceeds to make sure all is back to the way it was before the tragedy. However, in any plot, one must have a conflict.

The wife (played by Alice Eve) discovers that all is not what it seems when she walks in on Will deleting memories from their daughter’s mind. From there, you get the short story of the car crash and how he risked everything to make them replicants, clones, whatever you’d like to call them. So where to go from here? How about...the laboratory where he made the replicas finds out and decides to take them back? What a great way to piss Keanu Reeves (I mean Will Foster) off so that he will fight back to save what he holds dear.

Cut to a syringe in the arm. Flashes of fighting. It is beginning to look like a John Wick film but with strange CGI robots. But something tells me that this film just won’t be as satisfying as John Wick was to watch.

This film currently does not have a release date, but IMDB states 2017 and that the production has been completed but has yet to be screened. Interested in hearing y'alls opinion, as mine is interested but alas semi pessimistic... 

Here is the Trailer, I am interested to hear what you all think.



Signing out-

Madame Revenant

Dannie back with my tid bit.....

I if was blessed as a producer, I would not brag about "Transformers" during a trailer for a film that is supposed to have any, ANY humanity. That said, as much as I always think I will be disappointed, Keanu usually surprises me if given the chance. My script review years back of "The Gift" was brutally stating he did not have the ability to capture the emotion of the character he was cast as...  I was wrong, he was that charecter, and if listening... I apologize sincerely, you impressed me, and have there after on many occasions.  Most recently I LOVED "The Bad Batch" film and his part in the film was just cult leader perfection. So good luck, I truly hope Madame Rev and I are off... However, the Transformers blurb again, turns off in my opinion anyone thinking this will be at all good. Just me? I do not fracking think so-

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

 Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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