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Greetings humans of the interwebs! BigEyes reporting on TROLLS 2, and they’re going to eat me!!


TROLLS 2 was announced earlier this year, and the release date has just been pushed up to Valentine's day in 2020!

 trolls 1

Justin Timberlake (MICKEY MOUSE CLUB) and Anna Kendrick (PITCH PERFECT) are returning for their starring roles in this light-hearted kids’ movie. Having a date set for Valentine's day means that there's probably going to be more romance involved between the two main characters.

 trolls 2

The original TROLLS started off with a very bright and imaginative story in a unique world and held a lot of potential but fell a bit short of what it could have been when it started retelling the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. Hopefully the sequel will meet the promises of the original and deliver this time without falling into 1980s sitcom clichés. Details are sparse right now, but I'm looking forward to updating you all as more juicy tidbits are revealed.


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