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FAST & FURIOUS 9 Delayed until 2020

Greetings and salutations, film fans! I, Madame Revenant, am back to discuss FAST & FURIOUS 9.

 fast and furious car

Universal has announced that they will be delaying the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise with a new release date of April 10, 2020. At this moment, there is no director, but many of the cast have already signed on, including Vin Diesel (of course). The Fast & Furious films have been quite successful, and it seems like there is no stopping them from continuing to engage audiences with gorgeous cars, scantily clad females, bro love, and good times.

vin disel and the rock 

What can I say about these movies? They are not my cup of tea, but they serve as a welcome release from stress so many of us carry upon our shoulders. Their complicated and lip-biting heists entice the audience with a glimpse of greatness behind the wheel of fortune. Love them or hate them, the franchise is here to stay.


Embrace the dark to see the light,

Madame Revenant

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