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MANSFIELD 66/67 Documentary trailer! Devil Worship, Sex, Drugs, Fame!

Hola Dannie here...

Stumbled upon this insanely interesting documentary about the downward spiral of the voluptious pin-up actress Jane Mansfield. She at some point befriended Anton Lavey, the notorious satanist. They seemed an odd match to some, but those familar with Mansfield know she was an extremist in the most self-destructive ways. She also was insanely obsessed with her own fame and would do just about anything to stay relavent or in the public eye. These are all perfect reasons to hang out with Anton Lavey, who was always a controversy, always an easy headline, and had morals that preach excess. I would also have to imagine a thriving drug culture! Even though I was raised reading Hollywood Babylon and I know a lot about her story, I am extremely interested in seeing this documentary.

MANSFIELD 66/67 is manned by the directing duo of P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes, who have a long history of producing/directing films together like HIT SO HARD, a documentary from 2011. The documentary is aided by two actors.  Ann Magnuson, who was a victim of David Bowie's character in THE HUNGER (1983), also acted in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (1985), TANK GIRL (1995) as the  Madam, and as Madame Miranda in television's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.  She will help by reenacting parts of Jane Mansfield's life. She is accompanied by actor Richmond Arquette, who is reenacting the role of Anton Lavey. Some films he has worked on are the dark hits FIGHT CLUB, SE7EN, and ZODIAC. Some of the people appearing in the documentary to speak on Mansfield's and Lavey's history are the cult directors Kenneth Anger and my favorite pervert John Waters (who I get to see on December 1 at the beautiful Paramount Theatre here in Austin!!)

The film is set for release on April 2 of this year, and I hope you all enjoy this trailer and poster as much as I did.



I truly cannot wait to see this, looks to be a campy, exploitive and sobering look at fame, and it is important to learn from the tragedies such as Monroe, Mansfield, Judy Garland and so many other men and women who unfortunately have fallen from great hieghts through substance abuse and the heavy crown that is celebrity!

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa