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Kingsman stars Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth talk westerns, Harry Hart's resurrection and even a little bit about TRON!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I hate to pick favorites, but of all my Kingsman: The Golden Circle chats this one with Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges is my favorite and not just because Bridges humors me with a little Tron talk at the beginning.

How these on-camera interviews work is the actors sit in a tiny hotel room surrounded by hot lights, cameras and camera operators for hours on end as every 5 minutes a new dork like me is ushered in to throw out a few questions. That means it's really easy for these things to feel a little assemble line-ish with rote answers and barely feigned interest.

Not so here. Bridges doesn't ever really directly answer any of my questions, but what he does do is spin them off into an enthusiastic conversation with Colin Firth and they dive much deeper into some personal stories than most do in this situation.

In short, these two are lively and made for a very fun chat if I do say so myself. Hope you enjoy it!



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-Eric Vespe
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