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TOMB RAIDER Trailer unleashes Lara Croft - and it rocks!

Hey folks, Harry here...  As promised we got our TOMB RAIDER trailer tonight!  We're going to have to wait till March 16th of next year... if the world doesn't  end Saturday, naturally.   So who knows - maybe this trailer and featurette...  it could be all you ever see of this movie.  That's tragic.  It looks real friggin solid!  The film feels epic in a way I really wasn't anticipating, but with Roar Uthaug directing, think THE WAVE, of course it does!  It's fun to be 100% jazzed for this one!  


First the Trailer: 


Now - meet Alicia Vikander - who just looks like she's put herself through some insane training for this film. Can't help but want to cheer her on for this one! Check it out:

Looks like Roar Uthaug might've pulled off something amazing. A real solid looking Video Game movie!  I loved WARCRAFT, but not much else.  This I can get excited about!  


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