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The World of BLADE RUNNER 2049 has a giant naked holographic ass hanging out!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I know... I'm very intensely manic about BLADE RUNNER 2049.  I ache I want to love this movie so much, but because I know next to nothing about what the film is actually up to - I tend to overly criticize the footage that I'm seeing.   The world I've seen seems more dead than what we saw in Scott's. Then you see a featurette like this one where you get Ridley Scott saying this is the best script he's ever read - and I hope and a pray that is not hype.   I would like to think if it was the best script he ever read, he would've directed it.   BUT that's snark - and I hate snark.   I just want to watch this - and have it play like gangbusters.   There's beautiful imagery in this "WORLD OF BLADE RUNNER 2049" - but really...  hit play!  I want this movie to reformat my brain.


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