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IMAX has a new BLADE RUNNER 2049 Count Down Animation!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I don't know about you, but I fucking love IMAX, especially the Bob Bullock IMAX theater we have here in Austin!  The Laser projector there has produced the most brilliant cinematic 3D and 2D projection I've seen.   It's just much better.   But I was a fan of IMAX from the beginning.  Large format - giant size screens...  It's just crazy cool.  Crazy.   And I love that countdown video - it reminds me of the 16mm home projection days when the "Leader" would have a countdown - and a blip sound.   It was fun, but IMAX is super robust with their countdowns and their robust speaker set up, perfectly laser arranged for maximum awesome.   And I can't wait to see this countdown before BLADE RUNNER 2049.   Try to imagine in on the giant screen in your world.  Here ya go:


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