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John Carpenter directs a music video to his CHRISTINE theme! As Happy As Happy Can Be!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Unless you've attended one of John Carpenter's Musical Light Show performances, you've gone without a new John Carpenter visual experience in 7 years.  It's a mini-film / music video set to his CHRISTINE score!  It's cool, creep and creepy cool!  So discovering this little jewel made me giggle happily at Carpenter's new delight this early morning.  Man, just the way he shoots that damn car... I want more John Carpenter features!!!   C'mon powers that be!   Seriously - check this out:


Isn't that fun?  I really desperately need to see at 7 new big budget John Carpenter films in the next 12 years.   Don't you?  While you think about your answer, check out the original Teaser trailer to CHRISTINE (1983)!  They just don't make em like this anymore...


Pure Class, eh?


Keep it cool,



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