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The new trailer for Pixar's COCO goes deep into the land of the dead!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I've seen a little bit of Coco and from that chunk of footage I can say that it appears to have that Pixar spark, that little bit of magic that is some combination of character, gorgeous animation and emotional visual storytelling. I went from slight interest to really being invested in seeing what happens next when that first act rolled and you can see a lot of what grabbed me in the below trailer, which focuses on Miguel's passion for music and how that sets him on his adventure.

Check it out:



I'll have a peek behind the curtain at Pixar story hitting before release that you guys will definitely want to dig in to. They're pushing the technical envelope in a big way with this one (that city of the dead shot, for instance, has 7 million lights in it). Stay tuned!

-Eric Vespe
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