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Here's your first look at David Harbour as HELLBOY and aw crap does he look good in the makeup! New Pic

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It was only a matter of time before we got our first look at Stranger Things' David Harbour under the red makeup for Neil Marshall's reboot of HELLBOY. Now that it's finally here... Gotta say, it looks pretty damn good.



First thing that struck me is that it doesn't look radically different than Ron Perlman's iteration of the character, which just goes to show how comic-accurate Guillermo del Toro's movies were in terms of design.

This Hellboy looks a little darker, the makeup has a less flat red cartoony vibe and more of a Tim Curry as Darkness in Legend texture. On the whole this Hellboy looks a bit meaner.

Here's the image just by its lonesome if you want to really soak it in.



Looks right. Harbour's got the grit and gruffness for the role. We'll see how it all shakes down soon enough.

-Eric Vespe
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