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Paul Shipper's BLADE RUNNER 2049 poster is the most Blade Runnery!

Hey folks, Harry here...   We've seen a whole bunch of BLADE RUNNER 2049 posters - but nothing that approached the original by artist John Alvin!  Mainly because the posters have been predominately photographic in origins.   But here...  look at Alvin's original:

Well, Paul Shipper - who has made quite a great reputation for himself by doing classic illustration style posters for modern films has given it a crack:

Let's be real - nobody was going to top the original BLADE RUNNER poster, but at least this gave it a go.   I still prefer the layout that Alvin gave, which made that Spinner look like it was coming off the poster in a killer cool way!   But it's the best poster for the new film yet.   C'mon movie, rock!


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