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New trailer for George Clooney's SUBURBICON is extra Coen-y!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I am so stoked for Suburbicon. It's George Clooney directing a Coen Bros script that has been sitting on the shelf for yeaaaarrrssss, so it feels vintage Coen. I get flavors of Miller's Crossing and Hudsucker Proxy in these trailers.

Plus it stars Matt Damon, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite character actors. It's been interesting seeing him evolve as a leading man into things like The Martian, but my favorite Damon is when he goes weird, like in True Grit or his stint on 30 Rock or any of his regular appearances (or lack thereof) on Kimmel. Dude has a sense of humor, charisma to spare and when he takes both of those attributes into dark comedy territory things gets real interesting.



This movie can't get here soon enough for me. What about you?

-Eric Vespe
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