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BLADE RUNNER 2049 has a 60 second spot called "Begins"!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'd like to say I'm tired of so many of the BLADE RUNNER 2049 spots using, essentially, the exact same footage.  I've read that they're holding a ton back from us.   But like, the scene of the 3 Spinners flying...  it doesn't have the optics of Scott's BLADE RUNNER.   It doesn't feel tangible.  I'm also not really digging on the "style" of hair, makeup and costumes.   That's kind of bugged me from the beginning.   This feels modern, not timeless like the original.   But that's because the brain is comparing seconds of glimpses and putting that up against Scott's.  Also - I miss the wild faces that made up the original.   Man, I want this to work perfect.   I think we all do.   Man I hope this blows us away.


When they talk about Deckard having the key, is the key... Rachel?


Keep it cool,



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