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Labor Day Weekend Brings
The Last-Ever TWIN PEAKS!!

I am – Hercules!!

Showtime says of 3.17:

“The past dictates the future.”

Showtime says of 3.18:

“What is your name?”

Previously. On “Twin Peaks.”

* THE END OF THE RICHARD HORNE STORYLINE. “Cooper” made his murderous son Richard stand on a death-dealing rock. “Goodbye, my son,” bid “Cooper,” confirming the rape of comatose Audrey Horne. “Bad binoculars,” berated Jerry Horne. “:-) ALL,” texted “Cooper.”

* GOOD RIDDANCE. Gary and Chantal Hutchens park in front of Dougie Jones’ house. Headley and the Las Vegas FBI knock on Dougie’s door. Agent Headley orders Agent Wilson to commence a stakeout.

* ELECTRICITY. The Mitchum Bros. deliver flowers and food to the comatose Dougie’s room. The Mitchums ask Janey for a key so they can restock her house. “What’s he done now? He’s in a coma,” says Bushnell Mullins upon learning the FBI are headed to the hospital to see Dougie.

* WE’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOUR FUCKING DRIVEWAY, ASSHOLE!! Chantal fires on an accountant named Zawaski, who grabs his own machine gun and kills both fleeing Hutchenses. “What the fuck kind of neighborhood is this?” asks Bradley Mitchum. Wilson asks Zawaski to put down his gun and Zawaski complies. (This spectacular scene put me in the mind of Lynch’s masterpiece “Mulholland Drive,” but also Quentin Tarantino, who directed Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh in "The Hateful Eight.")

* FINALLY! “The other one. He didn’t go back in,” Mike tells a newly alert FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, handing the G-man the jade owl-ring. “I need you to make another one,” says Cooper, handing Mike a bit of his hair. “Pass me some of those sandwiches; I’m starving.” Cooper instructs Bushnell Mullins. “” “Doctor, can you confirm my vitals are A-OK? I’m leaving.” Cooper borrows Bushnell’s revolver.

* SPOKANE. “I need a plane to Spokane, Washington,” Cooper instructs Rodney Mitchum. “I wonder what Dougie’s up to now,” Bradley Mitchum tells his brother.

* MESSAGE FOR COLE. “I have a feeling a man named Gordon Cole will call here. If he does, read him this message,” Cooper tells Mullins. “You’re a fine man, Bushnell Mullins. I will not soon forget your kindness and decency.” “What about the FBI?” asks Mullins. “I am the FBI,” responds Cooper.

* THE RAPED TULPA. Diane gets her message from “Cooper,” and Theme From Twin Peaks comes to an abrupt halt. She responds with the coordinates from doomed librarian Ruth Davenport’s arm. “It was three, maybe four years after I stopped hearing from Cooper. I was still working at the bureau,” Diane tells Gordon, Albert and Tammy. “He only wanted to know what had been going on at the bureau. Felt like he was grilling me. I told myself, he’s just excited to hear bureau news.” Diane confesses that “Cooper” raped her and took her to an old gas station. “Sheriff’s station. Sheriff’s station. I’m not me,” Diane says, pulling a handgun. Tammy and Albert shoot her, and Diane vanishes. “That was a real Tulpa,” says Tammy. “Sheriff’s station?” asks Gordon Cole.

* SOMEONE MANUFACTURED YOU. “Fuck you,” are Diane’s last words to Mike, who observes her reduced to a “seed.”

* FAMILY FAREWELL. “I have to go away for a while,” Cooper tells Dougie’s wife and son. “You’re not Dougie?” Janey asks. “I love you both,” replies Cooper. “I’ll walk through that red door and I’ll be home for good.” “Don’t go,” begs Janey. “Whoever you are, thank you,” are her last words to Cooper. (Is Cooper really coming back or will a Tulpa take Cooper’s place at the Jones house?)

* LIMO TO THE AIRPORT. “You don’t sell insurance. You’re an FBI agent who’s been missing for 25 years. We need to get you to a town called Twin Peaks. To a sheriff’s station,” Rodney Mitchum summarizes. Cooper, nursing a cup of coffee, tells the Mitchums their days of fearing law enforcement are over.

* EDWARD LOUIS SEVERSON. A Pearl Jam vet jams and Audrey Horne, after toasting Billy, awakens.


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