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TULIP FEVER has a racy NSFW red band trailer featuring quite a bit of nudity.

Hey folks, Harry here...  TULIP FEVER is coming out real soon, September 1st!  Alicia Vikander is married to Christoph Waltz - who has hired Dane DeHaan to paint a portrait of his wife and him.   Things get sexual - and well...  What do you think Waltz will do?   The Weinstein Brothers were going to release this last year, but for one of their independent decisions, it's coming out this year.  Director Justin Chadwick has a good history, I really quite liked THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL and MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM was excellent.   Going with a very racy red band trailer is how the Weinstein's have decided to grab the world's attention to this film - and both Dane DeHaan and Alicia Vikander are lovely beings - so - make sure the kids aren't coming around...   that you've drawn the blinds in your office...  or you're in the bathroom stall at work, cuz this one has fucking in it.


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