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The latest BLADE RUNNER 2049 reveals much more of the plot!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. After years of complete secrecy and ambiguous visuals-driven trailers it looks like Sony International's trailer is the first to reveal any significant plot details on the big legacy sequel BLADE RUNNER 2049 (they have international distribution rights, Warner Brothers owning US domestic).

I wouldn't say this one is brimming with spoilers, but you'll definitely know what the movie's about, which is typical for any movie these days, but I gotta say I did like that this movie was being sold almost completely on its visuals, tone, name and star-power of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

Even so, I couldn't help but watch this for the new footage and I expect you'll cave, too. I mean, if you've come this far, clicked on this headline, then you're already in, right? Here's the trailer! Enjoy!



When Harrison Ford cracks that smile I got a little smiley myownself. Not sure if the story will hold up, but I can say that Denis Villeneuve made a gorgeous looking movie.

-Eric Vespe
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