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George Clooney's SUBURBICON written by the Brothers Coen & et al, looks abs-fab!

Hey folks, Harry here... This is the exact sort of weird that needs to pop out after an Eclipse...  Just look:

See, is that wonderfully bizarre?  It comes out October 27th - and was written by the Coen Brothers then George and his long time brain mate, Grant Heslov dared to touch the masters work to make it more rough around the edges so they didn't seem like false prophets - so this all means most excellent things for the film.  Trouble in suburban paradise has been a vibe since the suburbs came about.   Personally, I prefer interior city neighborhoods...  which were yesteryear's suburbs...  Time sure changes things.

This is Clooney's sixth feature as Director - and I've liked most all of those flicks.   So let's keep our eyes and ears out for this one!


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