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Sunday Brings One Of The Four Final Hours Of Showtime's TWIN PEAKS!!

I am – Hercules!!

Showtime says of episode 14:

“There's some fear in letting go.”


Previously. On “Twin Peaks.”

* FRANK & GORDON. Frank Truman tells Gordon Cole that pages from Laura Palmer’s diary suggest there are “two Coopers.”

* 1975 OLYMPIA. Albert reveals that young field agents Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries investigated Lois Duffy, who appeared to have killed her own vanishing doppelganger.

* SQUEAK! A window washer vexes Gordon’s hearing aid.

* COOPER AND BRIGGS. Diane says the last night she met Dale Cooper he mentioned Garland Briggs.

* DIANE’S HALF-SISTER. When Cole mentions the Dougie/Janey-E ring found in Briggs’ stomach, Diane reveals that Janey-E is her estranged half-sister. (I imagine Diane never met Dougie.)

* MEET RANDALL HEALEY. Gordon Cole contacts the FBI’s field office in Las Vegas and tells them to track down Dougie Jones. “How many times have I told YOU this is what we do in the FBI!!!” screams desk-pounding special agent Randall Healey (“Mad Men” icon Jay R. Ferguson) to special agent Wilson (Owain Rhys Davies).

* BOWIE & BELLUCCI. Gordon describes his latest Monica Bellucci dream. Cooper was near Gordon and Monica but Gordon could not see his face. “We are like the dreamer who dreams and lives inside the dream,” Monica told Cole over coffee. “But who is the dreamer?”

Gordon saw his decades-younger self in the FBI’s old Philadephia offices. “Who do you think that is there?” asked Jeffries (David Bowie), pointing at Cooper. Albert says he’s beginning to remember that long-ago meeting with Jeffries as well.

* STING! Truman, Hawk, Bobby and Andy arrest deputy Chad Broxford, then head out into the woods.

* LISTENING STATION. “Dad’s listening-post station was right through there,” explains Bobby Briggs. “Nothing left of it now. They took everything away.” When Andy asks what Bobby’s father did up there, Bobby says he didn’t know; it was all top-secret. “All I remember is lots and lots of machines.” (Did Garland Briggs hike to work?)

* PALACE INTRIGUE. Team Truman arrives at Jack Rabbit’s Palace. They fill their pockets with soil, and head 253 yards due east.

* NAKED & BLIND. Naido (Nae Yuuki), the eyeless young women from hour three, is discovered lying naked on the forest floor near a (rock? tree trunk?) full of glowing yellow liquid. “It’s 2:53, fellas,” announces Frank and the sky begins to swirl as it did in Buckhorn when Gordon Cole began to enter The Zone.

* ANDY AND THE FIREMAN. Andy is sucked into the (black &) White Lodge. The Giant introduces himself as “The Fireman.”

Andy stares into the skylight and is greeted by visions of The Experiment, The Experiment Vomit that created Bob, the Homeless Gremlins, Laura Palmer flanked by two angels, naked Naido, the two Coopers, Andy escorting his wife to a spot before backing away from her, a telephone pole with a big “6” on it.

* ANDY’S ANSWERS. The four lawmen reappear at Jack Rabbit’s Palace. Andy carries Naido. “We need to get her down the mountain. She’s very important and there are people who want her dead. She’s fine physically. We need to put her in a cell where she’ll be safe. Don’t tell anybody about this.” “What happened to us back there?” asks Frank. “I don’t know. Something. I don’t remember a thing,” replies Hawk. “Same here,” says Frank.

* NAIDO, CHAD & THE DRUNK. In a jail cell, Lucy puts pajamas on Naido. “You give policemen a bad name,” Andy tells Chad. “Policeman a bad name,” repeats a drunk in a “Dougie”-like manner. There’s a bleeding drunk in a third cell; could this be Audrey and Tina’s lover Billy? (The monkey sounds made by Naido and the drunk sound a lot like the monkey sounds Bobby Briggs and Mike Nelson made in the Twin Peaks jail a quarter-century earlier. The drunk is played by Jay Asseng, who played “Sir Chug-A-Lot” in 2002’s “Cabin Fever.”)

* JAMES & FREDDIE. On the Great Northern Hotel loading dock, security guards James Hurley (James Marshall) and 23-year-old East Ender Freddie Sykes (Jake Wardle, unseen since hour two), await a delivery. After their shift, James hopes to see the married Renee, who cried when James sang “Just You” at the roadhouse after work. “It’s part of me,” Freddie says of his strange green glove. “Doctor tried to take if off once and it started bleeding.”

* TALE OF THE GREEN GLOVE. In a London alley, Freddie was sucked up into a vortex where he met The Fireman, who instructed him to purchase and don a particular right-handed green gardening glove that would give him the power of “an enormous pile-driver.” The Fireman also told him to move to Twin Peaks. “There you will find your destiny.” He didn’t even have to buy his own plane ticket!

* HOTEL BOWELS. James inspects the furnaces beneath the Great Northern.

* FREE CUNT-RY. “I’ll eat you,” Sarah Palmer tells Truck You, who soon loses half his neck.

* TINA’S DAUGHTER. “I heard you were the last person to see Billy,” the Sophie (David Lynch’s wife Emily Stofle) says to Tina’s daughter Megan (Kelly Lynch’s daughter Shane). A bloody Billy apparently stumbled into Tina’s kitchen for ten seconds and fled. Megan could not remember if her uncle was there. Tina might have a romantic history with Billy.

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