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Did somebody call for a Doctor in the Japanese THOR RAGNAROK trailer?!?!?

Hey folks, Harry here...  This trailer seems to give me the feeling that we kinda saw the opening of THOR: RAGNAROK - at the end of DOCTOR STRANGE! Remember the Beer Aplenty?   Well I've the sneaking suspicion that this film could start right up where that left off... at least if this trailer is any indication.   Like all trailers for this film, it's got crazy awesome energy and projects a scrumdiddiliumptious Kirby look, pushing that further than anything we've yet seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and that's outstanding, especially after the Ditko awesome of DOCTOR STRANGE.   However, the Japanese announcer's boundless enthusiasm was the missing raging wow this was all missing.   Check it out:


Ok November 3rd, get a move on


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