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Darren Aronofsky has a new trailer for "mother!" - and it is magnificently creepiriffic!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Ya know...  Darren Aronofsky ain't playing.   Well, he is...  but he's got an elevated game that has me shakenly excited for his upcoming film, "mother!"  - No, I don't know what enters your head when you see a lowercase "mother" with an exclamation point...  but it reminds me of Regan in EXORCIST - urgently, yet meekishly calling out for her "mother!"  It's just where my brain goes.   But as you watch this trailer and you see Jennifer Lawrence walking about the empty house with all the sound and fury we're hearing - it strikes me like THE EXORCIST trailers from back in the day.  The sound design is instantly disturbing, and that's before we to the visual fury of the montage - where your eyes will try to grip to more frenetic imagery with more aural whiplash.   Well... here...


How can you not be dying to see this film? Just watch that trailer again! And Again! AND AGAIN! Until it is September 15th and you can see the whole, probably, brilliant film!


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