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‘What Does Annulment Mean??’ Sunday Brings Antepenultimate GAME OF THRONES!!

I am – Hercules!!

HBO says of “Eastwatch”:


Previously. On “Game Of Thrones.”

* Jaime gave Bronn a sack of gold, but Bronn complained he wasn’t getting Highgarden Castle as well. Jaime assigned Bronn to motivate the local farmers to hand over their harvest.

* Cersei relayed that Maester Qyburn, Cersei’s Hand, hoped to secure the services of The Golden Company of Essos, a highly regarded army of sellswords.

* Baelish gives Bran a fancy dagger from season one. The omniscient Bran asks Baelish if he knows who the dagger belonged to – but Bran knows it belonged to a Lannister henchman, am I right? (Also, I’m kinda certain Bran now remembers Jaime pushed him out of that Winterfell tower in episode one.) “You died in that cave,” says Meera, before returning to her family.

* The Winterfell guards tell Arya to fuck off. Arya reunites with Sansa in the Winterfell crypts, and with Bran by the Big White Tree. Bran knows that Cersei is on Arya’s Shit List.

* “I wanted you to see it before we start hacking it to bits,” Jon says of the dragonglass before showing Dany the First Men and the Children of the Forest teaming up to fight the White Walkers. Says Dany: “I will fight for The North when you bend the knee.”

* Arya trained with Brienne of Tarth.

* Davos expressed the thought that The King of The North has athe hots for the Mother of Dragons. Missandei says there is no marriage in Naath.

* Theon’s deeds on behalf of Sansa is all that prevents Jon from killing Theon.

* Randyll Tarly counsels flogging stragglers, then offers a small sneer when Jaime orders Tarly to give the stragglers fair warning first. Dickon admits his unease at killing his longtime allies at Highgarden.

* Dothraki, Dany, and Drogon attacked Cersei’s gold and Jaime’s army.

* Bronn speared a Dothroki and Drogon with Qyburn’s giant crossbow, which only made the dragon angry enough to destroy the giant crossbow.

* “Your people can’t fight,” a Dothroki fellow informed Tyrion.

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