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Harry has seen the 1st 6 Episodes of Amazon's THE TICK & I am delighted!

Hey folks, Harry here...  THE TICK.  That Amazon Pilot that held great promise, but was a painfully short pilot was... by no means, satisfactory.  It left me gaping for more.   Please, more.   Sure it was delightful, but GAWD, it required more... instantly... please!   And yet, time passed.   The absurdity of THE TICK bled steadily into our real world.   All us Amazon Prime members loved on THE TICK pilot - and August 25th, 2017 - a year and a week after we saw the pilot - we'll get all 10 episodes of the first season of Edlund's THE TICK.   

Yesterday, I received a hoodie with TICK antinnae and a book with the first six episodes - which I got through - almost instantly it seems.   

The episodes are all telling the same story.   We're getting an origin for Arthur.  We get introduced to Ms. Lint.   There is hilarious gore and homicidal mania by the anti-hero OVERKILL.   There's a search for an assumed dead villain known simply as THE TERROR.   The V.L.M. has all the media attention throughout the episodes.   (VLM= VERY LARGE MAN).  Arthur learns how to use his suit.   You'll meet a boat with A.I.   You'll learn about Arthur's sister's side gig.    

The one thing I can say is that the second one episode ends you want the next to begin.   I've got 4 more episodes to watch when the series drops on AMAZON PRIME on Aug. 25th.   I can not wait to see what happens next.   By the end of episode 6, things are quite dire.   Arthur is in a most uncomfortable situation & The Tick, as usual, has NO CLUE.   Well that's not true, he has a GLOVE.   Specifically Arthur's GLOVE.   And I'm unsure if THE TICK will catch a scent or not.   

All I know is THE TERROR's wildest dreams are close to coming true - and I do not know what those dreams entail, but I think it means a whole lot of suck for SUPERIAN!  

This show is slick, smart, fun and unconventional in all the best TICK ways.  For those that loved the SNES game, the animated series, the first live action series and the pilot...  this show is nothing but fun.   I'm hoping we get an acceleration of the weird characters, cuz I need Die Fliedermaus, American Maid, Batmanuel and the greatest of em all... EL SEED!   Come on final 4 episodes - blow my mind!

An irresistable itch you must scratch soon!   THE TICK rules!


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