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STRANGER THINGS Season 2 has Craven & King poster homages! Excellent!

Hey folks, Harry here...   STRANGER THINGS has been katnip for film geeks - and their vibe continues to keep pace with my pulse, and hopefully you as well.   They're preying upon our nostalgic memberries - and they do a most excellent job of it.   Just check out these posters and their inspiration.   First - let's check out the STAND BY ME style

STAND BY ME is pure magic.  Wheaton, Phoenix, Feldman and O'Connell sang their ways into our hearts with that "Have Gun Will Travel" rendition...  Wonder if our kids in STRANGER THINGS will sing a fave TV show theme?  Here's their tribute poster:

Alright - now for the tribute to Wes Craven's original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET poster...

Raise your hand if you remember this poster being too scary for ya?   This was one of those that I was too young to see by myself in the theater, so I discovered it on HBO at my Great Grandfather's house - and yeah, the movie scared the hell out of me - and put Freddy in my mind forever.   And here's how STRANGER THINGS gave it a nod...

C'mon October, get here!


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