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We have another Adam West animated epic BATMAN VS TWO-FACE (William F'n Shatner!) TRAILER!

Hey folks, Harry here...  You want happy, just pure happy?  Listen.   I've got it for ya.   This is the best shit.   I know, Adam West is gone, but he was prepared for that - and because there was no quit in the man...  Adam West banked a new Animated BATMAN film entitled BATMAN VS TWO-FACE - with fucking William Shatner as TWO-FACE.   Be still my Man-Boy heart.   We exist in a world that may give us Adam West vs William Shatner, were the deck is definitely stacked for Adam West...  I mean, he's BATMAN - which will never be beat by a flip of a defaced coin.   With Batman, life just doesn't work that way.  Ever.  Now, get ready for Bittersweet Joy...


Now I know - you must know, you need to know... How long until I see...  This is the bad news...  October 17th.  And by the way we have Burt Ward and Julie Newmar back as Robin the Boy Wonder and Catwoman!   Man, let's hope.


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