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Sunday Launches The Final Third Of Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS!!

I am – Hercules!!

Showtime says of tonight’s “Twin Peaks”:

“What story is that, Charlie?”

Previously. On “Twin Peaks.”

* TAMMY JOINS BLUE ROSE. A few years after Project Blue Book was abandoned in 1970, the FBI and the military formed a top secret joint task force to investigate Blue Book cases that went unexplained. It was named “Blue Rose” after a dying woman’s last words. Phillip Jeffries (David Bowie) headed the task force and soon recruited three others: Chester Desmond (Chris Isaac), Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer). Tammy Preston, top of her class at Quantico, is invited to join the Blue Rose Task Force.

* DIANE JOINS BLUE ROSE. Diane Evans emerges from red drapery. She too is temporarily deputized into the Blue Rose Task Force. “Let’s rock,” she agrees.

* TRIP. Jerry Horne sped out of the woods.

* MAMA DRAMA. Sarah Palmer stocked up on booze, noticed some turkey jerky and fled Keri’s grocery store, babbling about men who are coming and the unspecified thing that happened to her.

* RODD’s WAD. Learning of blood donations, Carl Rodd gave Kriscol (Bill O’Dell) $50 and forgave Kristol’s rent for the month.

* A FEW SECONDS IN VEGAS. A baseball bounced off Special Agent Dale Cooper, no longer under threat from the Brothers Mitchum. (The scene represents top-billed Kyle MacLachlan’s most modest contribution to a “Twin Peaks” episode to date.)

* RATTLING BOTTLES? Visiting Sarah Palmer, Deputy Hawk Hill thinks he hears something. “Thanks, Hawk,” Sarah says before pushing her front door closed.

* WITNESS. The machine hooked to the battered and bleeding Miriam Sullivan/Hodges begins beeping rapidly.

* WHO’S ASKING? “They haven’t asked yet,” Diane replies to “Cooper,” asking after “Las Vegas.”

* TRUMAN & HORNE. Sheriff Truman informs Ben Horne that grandson Richard Horne ran over and killed a little boy – and tried to kill witness and nursery school teacher Miriam Sullivan. Ben agrees to fund an medical procedure Miriam desperately needs. Ben gifts the sheriffs Truman Special Agent Dale Cooper’s old room key. “Richard never had a father,” Ben tells Beverly Paige. (Because Richard was the product of “Cooper” raping the comatose Audrey Horne?) Richard cannot remember Miriam Sullivan/Hodges’ last name and recalls memories of a bicycle his father once bought for him.

* SACRE BLEU! Gordon asks his French girlfriend to wait downstairs so we can learn that Gordon and Albert don’t know what Diane’s text means. “What do we know that we haven’t asked her about?” asks Gordon.

* EXIT WARDEN MURPHY. Hungry, the Hutchenses (“Hateful Eight” vets Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh) elect to kill “Cooper’s” former captor without torturing him. “Next stop, Wendy’s!” announces Gary Hutchens.

* DR. AMP. Nadine Hurley again listens as Dr. Jakoby hawks golden shovels.

* THE RETURN OF AUDREY HORNE! Audrey (the fabulous Sherilyn Fenn) tries to recruit her busy husband Charles (the great Clark Middleton) to find Audrey’s lover “Billy,” who has been missing for two days. (Bing was looking for a “Billy” at the Double-R Diner at the end of a recent episode.) Billy told Charles that “Chuck” stole a truck from “Billy,” who then called the sheriff. (The unnamed Jesus-y fellow who had his truck stolen by Richard Horne vanished before Deputy Sheriff Andy Brennan could interview him at length.) Charles phones someone named Tina, said to be the last person to see Billy; she seems to have a lot of information Charles finds surprising and alarming. (A young trooper named Billy became very ill in hour three when he got a whiff of the doppelganger’s garmonbozia vomit.)

(Will Charles and Audrey be back soon? Note what Showtime says about tonight’s episode.)

* COORDINATES. Diane types into her smartphone the coordinates found on the arm of South Dakota librarian Ruth Davenport’s headless body. The coordinates call up a town in Northeast Washington State called Twin Peaks.

* TRICK ACCIDENT. Two girls in the roadhouse discuss Angela, who is off her meds now, and Clark, who has apparently moved on to archrival Mary. Trick (Scott Coffey, who worked with David Lynch on 1990’s “Wild At Heart,” 1997’s “Lost Highway” and 2001’s “Mulholland Drive”), once under house arrest, reveals that someone just ran him off the road.

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