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The Second Half Of Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS Starts Tonight!!

I am – Hercules!!

Showtime says of tonight’s episode:

“Laura is the one.”

Previously. On “Twin Peaks.”

* MEET HUTCH HUTCHINS. “We was expecting you last night,” Hutch Hutchins (“Hateful Eight” vet Tim Roth) informs the undead “Cooper.” Chantal Hutchins (“Hateful Eight” vet Jennifer Jason Leigh), unseen since hour two, greets “Cooper” as well.

* TURN THIS PLANE AROUND! USAF Col. Davis instructs FBI supervisor Gordon Cole to divert to Buckhorn, S.D. to meet Lt. Cynthia Knox. Diane, anxious to return to Philadelphia, is persuaded to come along after Gordon informs her the diversion relates to a “blue rose” case. Warden Murphy then phones Cole to let him know “Cooper flew the coop.”

* TODD’S BOSS REVEALED. “around the dinner table the conversation is lively,” “Cooper” texts on his Alcatel OneTouch flip-phone just before phoning Duncan Todd (Patrick Fishler, who also appeared briefly in hours two and six). “Did you do it?” “Cooper” asks. “Not yet,” replies Todd. “It better be done next time I call,” replies “Cooper.” Todd summons Roger (Joe Adler). (Did “Cooper” order Todd to order Lorraine to order Ike Stadtler to murder “Dougie”?)

* ASSIGNMENTS. Hutch gives “Cooper” a new weapon and ammunition and “Cooper” assigns Hutch to kill Warden Murphy. “Then I got a double-header for you in Vegas,” “Cooper” tells Hutch, who tells Chantal to “give the boss-man a wet one.” Chantal gives “Cooper” a wet one and admits she wishes “it was more.” “Clear out of this place,” “Cooper” instructs Hutch.

* SOME LINGERING EFFECTS. Bushnell Mullins explains to the Detectives Fusco that Dougie behaves oddly sometimes because he was injured in an automobile accident 12 years earlier, just before joining Lucky 7 Insurance. (Oh! So that’s why people aren’t more concerned about “Dougie’s” near catatonia!)

* DOUGIE’S SECRET ORIGINS. Dougie apparently didn’t exist before 1997, one of the Fuscos reveals to the other two Fuscos. “Witness protection?” guesses D. Fusco (David Koechner), who orders fingerprints and DNA be lifted from “Dougie’s” coffee cup. Finally, a desk sergeant tells the Fuscos that fingerprints indicate infamous dwarf assassin Ike Stadtler tried to kill “Dougie,” and he knows Stadtler’s location.

* STRIPES SHOES SOCKET. “Dougie” stares at an American flag,

then a pair of red pumps (much like those donned by Audrey Horne in the “Peaks” pilot), then an electrical outlet like the one that spit Dale Cooper into Las Vegas.

* NO CIGAR. Ike The Spike’s tiny legs fail to prevent the Fuscos from arresting him for attempted murder. “Ohhh,” moans Ike as he lifts his bandaged arm in surrender.

* MEANWHILE, IN TWIN PEAKS. Lucy Moran Brennan purchases a red chair. Johnny Horne uses his head to punch a bloody wall-hole.

* BETTY BRIGGS’ CHAIR. “Right after Agent Cooper left that day, Garland pulled me aside and he said our son Bobby and Hawk and Sheriff Truman – I didn’t know it would be this Sheriff Truman – he said they would ask me about special agent Dale Cooper.” And Betty Briggs knows precisely what to do, extracting a metal capsule from a secret compartment in one of her chairs.

* CAHOOTS! “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY,” reads the text on Diane’s smartphone.

* THE ZONE. Mackley briefs the FBI agents over Garland Briggs’ headless body. “It turns out that William Hastings along with the help of Ruth The Librarian was researching and publishing some strange little blog about some alternate dimension.” “Today we finally entered what we call The Zone and we met The Major,” reads Hastings’ final blog entry, written about a week earlier.

* BRIGGS’ FAKE DEATH. “Major Briggs would have been 72,” Albert Rosenfield reminds Cole. “As you know we thought he died in a fire in that government facility outside Twin Peaks 25 years ago. About the age [Major Briggs’ headless corpse] is now.” Buckhorn CSI Constance Talbot shows the FBI agents the ring she found in Briggs’ belly inscribed, “To Dougie, Love, Janey-E.”

* I AM NOT YOUR FOOT. Jerry Horne confronts his own appendage.

* I KNOW HOW TO OPEN THAT. Deputy Chad, consuming two frozen dinners and some soup, is ordered out the sheriff’s conference room. “My dad brought one home one night,” Bobby says of the chair-capsule. “We got to go back outside.”

* TWO DAYS FROM NOW AND THE DAY AFTER. Bobby slams the metal chair-capsule into the sidewalk, causing it to hum. When the hum stops, he slams it again and the capsule opens. The message inside instructs the officers to proceed 253 yards east of “Jack Rabbit’s Palace” on Oct. 1 and Oct. 2. A second paper in the contains the line “65/V654/N765/COOPER/COOPER/COO.” “Two Coopers,” notes Hawk Hill. (Note the tiny "Experiment" head over the second triangle.)

* THE OLD DAYS. “Whoa!” exclaims Cole after taking a drag from Diane’s cigarette. “We used to smoke together way back when. You remember?” Diane admits that she does.

* THE OTHERS. Special agent Tammy Preston interrogates a distraught Principal Hastings (Matthew Lillard, making his first appearance since hours one and two). Hastings says he’s been reading about The Zone for “many years.” Hastings says Librarian Ruth was “very good at uncovering hidden records.” By going to a certain place at a certain time, he says, they were able to enter The Zone and make contact with the “hiding”/“hibernating” Major Briggs. “He wanted to go to a different place, so he asked us to get him numbers. Important numbers. Coordinates.* And we found them in the place he told us to go – a secure military database.” Ruth, says Hastings, wrote the coordinates on her hand. “We brought him back the numbers last Thursday. Then something terrible happened. These Others came in and they grabbed me by the neck and they pushed me down and they said, ‘What’s your wife’s name? What’s your wife’s name?’ ‘Phyllis,’ I said. I didn’t kill Ruth. You have to believe me. I loved her! It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. It never should have happened.”

(*Recall Ray said he had some “coordinates” memorized shortly before he shot “Cooper.”)

* GARLAND BRIGGS’ TRUE FATE. Hastings then correctly identifies Garland Briggs from a series of six photos. The date Hastings writes next to his photo is 9/20. “We gave him the numbers and he started to float up,” explains Hastings. “And he said some words, ‘Cooper, Cooper,’ right before his head disappeared. It was something like no one has ever seen before. I never read anything like it. You don’t know. You weren’t there. It was beautiful. And then Ruth was dead. It was so terrible. I had to hold her. Then I woke up and I was in my home. I was in my home.” Tammy asks if Major Briggs killed Ruth. “No,” says Hastings. “There were so many people there. You have to believe me.” Hastings says he and his beloved Ruth were going to go to the Bahamas to scuba dive and consume mixed drinks on the beach. “I want to go scuba diving,” Hastings concludes.

* THE GREAT NORTHERN. Beverly Paige tells Ben Horne security was unable to find the source of the humming in Ben’s office. Beverly looks longingly into Ben’s eyes. “I can’t do this,” says Ben.

* ELLA & CHLOE. “You know that zebra’s out again?” one girl tells another over Roadhouse beers. The blonde with the hideous armpit rash (“Green Inferno” vet Sky Ferreira) tells the brunette (“Justified” vet Karolina Wydra) she was fired from her waitressing job because she was high during her shift. “How can you fuck up serving burgers?” the blonde wonders.

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