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I'm crying like a happy boy at Christmas over STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI BTS - D23!!!! UPDATED

Hey folks, Harry here...  Quint's Laptop ran out of power, so you'll have to wait for his coverage later, but I've got your back.   The STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Behind The Scenes nearly 3 minutes of just tear-inducing bittersweet happiness...   Just as all these D23 BTS looks have provided us in recent years.   Though if memory serves, THE FORCE AWAKENS BTS debuted at Comic Con that year.   This one shows us a campfire beside the Falcon - and frankly that's all I needed to see!   But there's so much more.   I need to watch it about 40 more times.   Why so little?  Well it's my 10th Wedding Anniversary today - so I'll have to go for various celebrations.   


This year can't move fast enough to satisfy our desires to see this f'n movie!

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