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Ava Duvernay's A WRINKLE IN TIME teaser trailer has become reality! OPRAH!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Quint is out at D23, but seems to be having too much fun or not enough internet to get stuff up from there, but Ava DuVernay's teaser trailer for Madeleine L’Engle’s A WRINKLE IN TIME!  It was always a fave of mine as a child, as being a Sagitarrius always made me love stories with Centaurs - and this was a heckuva tale.   It explained the fabric of space time in a whimisical fashion that also made a lot of sense in a way.  I've kinda been holding my breath hoping this would look great and this trailer goes a long ways to making me smile in anticipation!


Isn't that magical? Now for the Teaser poster which I'm quite fond of too.   I love the gravitational wrinkle in it, don't you?  We'll have to wait for March 9th, 2018!


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